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Services for Adults

Get the tools you need to feel at ease.

Anxiety Disorders

More and more, anxiety is a function of the conditions in which we live. Nothing has made this more evident than the emergence of COVID-19 virus. Dr. Athey uses a combination of cognitive behavioral therapy, environmental awareness therapies, and guided imagery and meditation/body-based techniques to examine the role of individual development, family history, community and societal influences on anxiety.

Dr. Athey does this by:

  • Exploring role of how one’s perceptions shape experience

  • Using body-based therapies and meditation to settle the body and cultivate a sense of peace.

Life Transitions

Dr. Athey uses a combination of therapies and skills-based approaches to address crises related to stage of life transitions such as mid-life crisis and the stages families go through i.e. the birth of a first child, marriage or career dissatisfaction in midlife, empty nesting, second career, or caring for aging parents. 


 AD/HD and ADD are  second to anxiety as a reason for seeking therapy.   Our society is obsessed with productivity and “being busy”.  In this module Dr. Athey examines client’s temperament and impact of outer influences and demands in contributing to AD/HD.   In this condition, skills are introduced in stages and paired with repeated practice in order to refine them and create lasting health habits.  This can be frustrating and Dr. Athey has found that treatment is most effective when she works with her clients as a personal trainer, cheerleader and coach. 

Dr. Athey focuses on specific skills in 4 areas: activation of attention/starting tasks; regulating attention/sustaining effort;  emotion regulation, and execution or follow through to completion

 Of task.

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