Healthy Lifestyle Cultivation

Integrate the practice of martial arts, movement therapy and meditative techniques to find inner peace. Training available for individuals or groups.

Welcome to the newest part of my practice!

For the past 30 years I have spent my free time doing what I love: training in the martial arts and immersing myself in Eastern methods of healing. During the past 17 years, I added training in movement therapy and meditation practice to my avocation.  I have found that these practices have provided a needed balance to my work as a psychotherapist and my life as a whole. Several years ago, I started applying these practices to the therapy I do and found them to be a very successful adjunct to treatment. At the request of several clients, I have created several training modules for clients that are organized around cultivating a healthier lifestyle and finding  inner peace.

At the present time, training modules last from 4-8 weeks and are tailored to your individual needs and lifestyle. I am in the process of developing small group classes for Tai Chi meditation outdoors as COVID restrictions allow.


Module 1 Basics of Stress Management

  • Introduction to mind-body models of stress

  • Detailed assessment of personal history and creation of an individualized stress profile for you.

  • Instruction in use of guided imagery or self-hypnosis specific to your type.

  • Application of Tai Chi, yoga or other movement-based techniques.

  • Instruction in cognitive-behavioral techniques to assist for home practice.

Module 2 - Advanced Relaxation Training as a Way of Life

  • Detailed assessment of personal history and creation of an individualized stress profile for you.

  • Instruction in mind-body models of healing, techniques for breaking old habits and establishing long-term health behaviors.

  • Intensive training in the use guided imagery and self-hypnosis to achieve wholeness.

  • More intense focus on practicing Tai Chi, yoga or other movement-based techniques


Module 3 -  Mini-Intensive in Tai Chi of Gentle Movement

  • This class meets weekly for 8-weeks and includes specific instruction in the basics of Tai Chi. See Flyer!

“Settle in the here and now.

Reach down into the center

where the world is not spinning

and drink this holy peace.”

~Dana Falds, Poems from the Heart of Yoga

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