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Services for Parents & Children

Dr. Athey works conjointly with children and their parents to make sure families have all the tools they need to be a healthy, adjusted & connected with one another.

Services include:


  • Giftedness Parent coaching

  • Readiness for kindergarten


Therapies Available

  • Play therapy

  • Therapeutic story-telling/guided imagery

  • Body-based therapies for managing sensory-integration disorder


A Message to Parents

How to work with our anxious children in an era of uncertainty.

"I believe that parents are the best therapists for their children. I do work directly with your child. Children are highly attuned to their parents and individual therapy will have limited impact if there is an anxious or stressed parent in the home. Thus, I spend a great deal of time making sure that the parent is supported and has all the resources they need.“

How I Work

I begin with an assessment of the child and family. Next, I educate parents on the sources of anxiety at different ages and stages of childhood, followed by an introduction to the model of treatment I use.  Key components consist of teaching parents to identify situations that trigger problem behaviors and how to track their child’s nonverbal (bodily) signals in real time.  Interventions are introduced in small segments that are brief and action-oriented.

~Dr. Janet Athey

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